How to take a partial screenshot on a Mac

Jim Barlow
2 min readMay 18, 2020


Because it might be useful for some things. Like writing posts about taking partial screenshots on a Mac.

Take a screenshot on your Mac

OK that looks easy. In more details:

  • Step 1: Press and hold the command key (⌘)
  • Step 2: While still holding the command key (⌘), press and hold the shift key (⇧)
  • Step 3: While still holding the other two keys, command (⌘) + shift (⇧), press and hold the ‘4’ key
  • Step 4: Move the crosshair to the top left of the section you want to capture
  • Step 5: Click and hold the mouse button
  • Step 6: Drag the crosshair to the bottom-right of the section you want to capture
  • Step 7: Let go of the mouse button and you should hear a clicking sound
  • Step 8: The screenshot will now be on your desktop, named ‘Screen Shot YYYY-MM-DD at xm’

That was easy.

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